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Sunny Industries Private Ltd., a small scale pharmaceutical manufacturing company was established and registered in January, 1948 The visionary entrepreneur Late Birendra Nath Chattopadhyay the Founder - Managing Director inherited his service-oriented concept from the great humanist
Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar

After extensive field research and consultation, Shri B.N. Chattopadhyay formulated ADVITAMIN MASSAGE oil, now ADVITAMIN BABY OIL the medicinal oil enriched with Vitamin A, D & E with Olive Oil, based on Arachis Oil with other important ingredients. Specialists have opined that it's application on the body with massage prevents and cures vitamin-deficiency diseases like rickets, keratomalacia, osteomalacia etc. enhance growth of bones and vigour of the children. Since, Sunny's ADVITAMIN OIL does not contain any mineral oil, e.g. light liquid paraffin, like many others, its proved to be safe for children. With this efficacy and safety this medicine acquired significant popularity and in due time SUNNY's ADVITAMIN BABY OIL became a household name having legendary fame.
Over the years, 'SUNNY' started manufacturing other items like oral liquids, ear drops and tablets, some of them became extremely popular in the respective therapeutic segment of the market.


Sri Birendra Nath Chattopadhyay was at the helm of affairs till 2001. After his sudden demise, in 2001, the elder son of Late B.N. Chattopadhyay,, Sri Parthasarathi Chattopadhyay, the erstwhile Executive Director, became the new Managing Director. Rotarian Sri P.S. Chattopadhyay is presently the Chairman of the All India Manufacturing Organisation, W.B. State Board.Under the leadership of Mr.P.S.Chattopadhyay Sunny factory was upgraded for G.M.P.
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Sri P.S. Chattopadhyay is keenly involved with many social organizations like Vidyasagar Charitable Society, a fifty bedded hospital run by, Ramkrishna Saroda Sevashram of Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh etc., serving the under-privileged. He is a prolific writer also. He contributes regularly in different newspapers on variety of subjects. He has a creative mind exemplified by writing poetry and working on the canvas. Sri P.S. Chattopadhyay is a widely travelled person. He had been to USA, Europe, different countries of S.E. Asia and Japan. He also attended many International Rotary Conventions and other conferences.


Dr. Suryasarathi Chattopadhyay, the younger son of the founder-M.D., also contributed significantly towards the development of Sunny over the years. Presently he is actively involved in various operational aspects of Sunny, with quality control and inventory management being his focus area. Sri S.S. Chattopadhyay is a practicing physician. Though very much involved with Sunny and his private practice, he finds time to fulfil his artistic blend of mind. He regularly writes poems, uses his talent of painting and is an enthusiastic follower of musical performances.

Over the years, Sunny has spread its wings in Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh. Uttarakhand, U.P. Orissa, North-Eastern States,Maharastra,Delhi with a committed field-force.

Sunny has a history of healthy inter-organisational relationship with all employees including office, factory and field-force..

In the days to come, Sunny wants to expand not only across the length and breadth of India, but planning to go beyond the national boundaries.