Sunny Industries Private Limited
23/3/1B Rupnarayan Nandan Lane, Kolkata-700025
Phone No - 24555548 / 24551046 / 65456062
Email: sunny.ad@rediffmail.com
Welcome to our Website # Sunny can proudly declare that this Company is a pioneer in India in 'massage oil' therapy for infants and young.

Sunny launched the brand ADvitamin Massage Oil / ADvitamin Baby Oil in 1948.

It's a great achievement for Sunny that in the last six decades or so, millions of young children of India grew up as healthy adults with a small but significant contribution from Sunny's ADVITAMIN BABY OIL (AD oil)

In the last few years, this usage profile has extended to adult men and women also. Presently, different massage oil brands, some of them mineral oil based, are available for adults for their cosmetic purpose.

Sunny's ADVITAMIN BABY OIL, which does not contain any mineral oil, since mineral oil is not recommended for topical use, has created a special niche in this segment for adults.

ADVITAMIN BABY OIL has been found to be equally effective for adults to maintain good health and glamour. Sunny's ADVITAMIN OIL delays the onset of ageing Look.